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     Medicare Advantage- Medigap- Medicare Supplements-Drug Plans

How and WHEN can I make changes to my Medicare enrollment choices and plans?


Annual enrollment for Medicare is October 15 -December 7 every calendar year. Additionally, an " Open Enrollment Period " has been added as of January 1, 2019, that will allow you to change from your current Medicare Advantage Program to another. This runs January 1 through March 31st of each calendar year. However, there are several exceptions where Medicare will allow you to change and or switch in and out of your Medicare programs. It is best to meet with one of our trained agents to discuss these options, below is a partial list of circumstances under which you may change after open enrollment has ended

You may be eligible to change your program if:

1. Do you have diabetes, congestive heart failure, and or any other major health condition? This includes any change in health and diagnoses after open enrollment concluded ( if you have been diagnosed or no longer have the condition )

2. Have you relocated?

3. Has your current plan canceled and or been downgraded by Medicare? This also includes loss of coverage under your current or retired employer plan as well as Union Group Health Plans also referred to as EGHP

4. Do you receive "extra help" with your prescription benefits and or are enrolled in the Medicare savings program? If you are not we STRONGLY encourage you to contact our office and we will assist you in applying for this help. This also applies if you have recently lost your extra help eligibility

5. Do you receive both Medicare and Medicaid benefits?

6. Are you moving into, live in, or recently moved out of a long term care facility and or nursing home?

7. Do you belong to a State assistance pharmacy program, also referred to as an SPAP?

8. Have you recently left a PACE program?

9. If a 5 Star program comes available you may switch into it at any time during the year